How to fix samsung mobile call volume too low issue

You are not the only person who is bothered by Samsung’s mobile phone low earpiece speaker volume issue. Most of the Samsung mobile phones are water and dust resistance, because of that dirt or dust particles couldn’t find their way to go inside your mobile phone via earpiece speaker. Since earpiece speaker grill is made up of very tiny holes, it gets chocked over time.   I tried many methods to fix my Samsung Galaxy S8 low earpiece volume, but only one method worked for me and I am sharing… Read More

10 Best Online Platform To Repair Mobile Phones At Your Doorstep

A recent survey result shows that 5761 phone screen broken every hour and between 38 percent to 75 percent of people have a habit to use their mobile in toilet & 19 percent of people have dropped there phones once in the toilet. Hope you’re not one of them. Nowadays most of the mobile phone brands offering there mobile at a quite affordable price, but once your mobile becomes out of warranty & if something went wrong with your mobile phone, brands charges for there service like hell. sometimes repair cost exceed the… Read More

Paypal your card was declined, how to overcome this?

Why Paypal is declining your Credit/Debit Card? There are several reasons behind that but most probably PayPal is not accepting your Credit or Debit card because of these following reasons.   [simpay id=”876″] You’ve not confirmed your email id, bank account, card details or mobile number with PayPal. The debit card or credit card you are trying to add was previously used on another PayPal account. Your Debit/Credit card payment network not supported by PayPal, at this moment PayPal accepts only Visa card, Master Card, Maestro Card, American Express Card and… Read More

Vidmate App APK download and Install

About Vidmate Video Download App Vidmate app is known for easily downloading videos from online social media platform like youtube, facebook, instagram and dailymotion. From Vidmate app you can download online videos and music in different quality and even in mp3 format. Download And Install Vidmate Apps Apk Download Vidmate Apps Apk Download the Videmate Apps Apk from here. Vidmate Apk Download Now you will see Vidmate Apps Downloading. Install Vidmate App Apk Download Vidmate Apps Apk From Above Link And Click On Vidmate.apk 2. Now click on settings. 3)Turn on allow… Read More